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Hot Hatch

I was on the market for a commuter that wasn't anything related to a Camry (sorry, I just can't) but also wasn't so eager to give me any more speeding tickets as my ///M is. I settled on a well-pampered, 2005 MINI Cooper S. This first generation MINI got its' stardom on the first, Italian Job movie and has been a secret crush of mine ever since. The tiny 1.6L, 4-cylinder engine is ramped up with a supercharger (think, giving a 2-year old 4 shots of espresso) through a 6- speed manual transmission. The short wheelbase yields incredible turn-in and badass breaking for when the Prius in front of me decides to exit, then decides not to, then wants to swerve 3 lanes over into the carpool. The downshifting, engine noise and vibrations out of this hot hatchback these past three months of ownership has definitely turned my mini crush into dire love <3

Deepak Maharaj